About Civil is the decentralized marketplace for sustainable journalism.

Our mission is to help power sustainable journalism throughout the world.

To do so, we're employing a decentralized model based on blockchain and cryptoeconomics.

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The ad-driven revenue model that traditionally funded quality journalism has not translated to the digital economy. Journalists around the world are facing an existential threat like never before. We're committed to introducing a new funding model — and a supporting ecosystem — that enables journalists to focus on serving their readers above all else.

A beginner's guide to Civil

The Civil Ecosystem

The Civil Media Company is the founding entity of the Civil ecosystem, and focused above all on serving the mission, values and ethos of Civil.

In addition to the Civil Media Company, the Civil ecosystem will initially include the following organizations:

Civil Foundation logo

Civil Foundation

An independent, non-profit focused on the Civil Constitution, including working with the community to uphold and evolve its purpose. It will house the Civil Council, as well as support staff such as researchers, auditors and translators. The Civil Foundation will also help lead non-profit-focused efforts.

Civil Studios logo

Civil Studios

A for-profit entity established by The Civil Media Company, motivated to pilot and fund marquee works of journalism. Civil Studios is a venture builder that seeks white spaces with big upside (e.g. podcasts, documentaries, big names), acting as a producer investing for upside and providing high-level support but not directly involved in the legwork.

Civil Labs logo

Civil Labs

A for-profit entity established by The Civil Media Company, developing software apps, tools and widgets for the Civil ecosystem. Civil Labs seeks to stimulate our developer ecosystem and consumer/enterprise “app store” through mission-aligned investments with significant potential upside, working as hybrid R&D lab (for internal ventures) and accelerator (for external ventures).