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Investigative Journalism runs on Civil.

S2 EP2: Why Civil’s Token Sale Failed

City Agencies Mobilize as They Brace for Public Charge Rule

Rick Scott Is Heavily Invested in Fossil Fuel Companies Donating to His Senate Campaign

GroundTruth in the ‘Post-Truth’ Era

That’s a lot of what we would call ‘ground truth.’ The simple idea that the best way to ascertain truth ‚ whether you are a poet or an anthropologist or a scientist or an ethicist or a journalist — is to be there on the ground doing your work. It’s a pretty simple concept, but it is a philosophy that lies at the heart of all good journalism and it is what we believe in at The GroundTruth Project, where we support a new generation of journalists to tell the most important stories of our time.

(Photo credit: GroundTruth Project)

The GroundTruth Project

Policy Journalism runs on Civil.

Boys Will Be Boys With Beer: America’s Real Blackout Problem After Brett Kavanaugh

This One Weird Game Explains Our Media Age

Is Your Data Safe When You Purchase Legal Cannabis?

International Journalism runs on Civil.

Detour: Spain

India’s #MeToo movement is shaking up newsrooms and putting male journalists on notice

Conversations on gender inequality, consent in office spaces, and the sexual harassment of women reporters in the field are long overdue.


A Noose Called Microfinance

Farmers across India can’t seem to escape the microfinance debt trap. Some are even driven to commit suicide. What could save their lives?

Global Ground

Indigenas V. Narco

Las comunidades indígenas, víctimas ancestrales del abandono y la discriminación, enfrentan también la amenaza del crimen organizado.


Un nueva era en la migración cubana

Tras el fin de la política pies secos/pies mojados en enero de este año, miles de cubanos quedaron varados en su camino hacia Estados Unidos. El diario digital 14ymedio, en colaboración con el Nuevo Herald y Radio Ambulante, bajo el auspicio del Pulitzer Center for Crisis Reporting, ha iniciado un proyecto para contar las historias de estos compatriotas.


Local Journalism runs on Civil.


Lincoln Square Parents Fought For New School Annex, But Now It Could Destroy A Beloved Garden

Colorado Propositions 109 and 110 are all about how to pay for roads. They’re also about everything else.

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