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Exposure to Cannabis in Pregnancy: Warning Signs

And Yet There Are No Demons

America’s Signature Mode of Transportation Is High-Cost Rail

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Group That Sponsored Anti-Ocasio-Cortez Billboard Tied to Koch and Other Billionaires

State Legislators in Albany May Consider Extending Health Insurance to the Undocumented

S3 EP3: The Peak of Expectations


Through the eyes of students Deontè Gardner, a Chicago native who is also known as the rapper Cassius Tae; Ray Golden, Jr., California native, football player and aspiring civil rights attorney; Aaron Johnson, music student and emerging activist; and Trenton Carson, graphic designer seeking acceptance; we are offered a glimpse into their worlds. Their experiences often boil down to the desire for acceptance. “The hardest part of being a black man in America is not knowing who accepts you and who does not,” Golden, Jr. says.


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Registering Natives

“El cemento está perdido”

La recuperación del tornado agudiza el desabastecimiento de materiales de construcción.


Fighting an Obedient Democracy

Since seizing power in 2014, Thailand’s military junta has been rebuilding the political system to repress dissent and control the public. As hundreds have been charged, threatened and sentenced to jail for voicing their opinions, how are politicians and their supporters trying to run a campaign leading up to the elections in 2019?

Global Ground

Why we need to celebrate media startups

If we’re not celebrating the great work in media startups, no one else will. At Splice, we believe that the most enduring transformation of this industry can only come through the work of media startups. Our mission is to get behind them.



Narcoamérica es un viaje por la ruta de la cocaína, desde las calles de Manhattan hasta el sur de Chile.