How to launch a newsroom

To run on Civil, a Newsroom must be listed in the Civil Registry, a whitelist of community-approved Newsrooms.

The Civil Registry will be live in early 2019.

Interested Newsroom applicants should enter their email here for more detailed information on how to begin the process — and updates ahead of the Civil Registry's general launch:

How to apply

There are no restrictions to who can apply to launch a Newsroom on Civil. To access publishing rights, a Newsroom must be accepted by the community and listed on the Civil Registry.

To be listed on the Civil Registry, a prospective Newsroom must take four steps:

Submit a charter icon

Submit a charter

Outline your Newsroom's journalistic mission.

Submit a roster icon

Submit a roster

Disclose all other initial participants in the prospective Newsroom, and any relevant credentials.

Meet the Civil Constitution's ethical standards icon

Meet the Civil Constitution's ethical standards

Prove that your newsroom can honor the journalistic ethics outlined by the Civil Constitution.

Stake CVL tokens icon

Stake CVL tokens

State the seriousness of your intent by staking a fixed amount of CVL tokens.

If each of the above parameters are met, and the community is satisfied that the prospective Newsroom will be a quality addition to the Civil marketplace, they’ll take no action — and the Newsroom will be added to the Civil Registry.

The Civil Registry

The Civil Registry is the destination to which prospective Civil Newsrooms must apply to access publishing rights on the Civil platform. Inclusion in the Civil Registry means that the community has vetted a Newsroom and deemed it as having a credible, journalistic mission, and that it has pledged to adhere to the journalistic ethics outlined by the Civil Constitution.

The challenge process

A more detailed description of the Civil Registry — and how the Newsroom challenge/appeals process works — can be found here.

How a challenge works on the Civil registry