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    Experiment with the CVL cryptocurrency to open up new revenue streams (e.g. microtipping) and audience engagement

Civil is a vibrant, supportive community

Civil has initiated an ‘information reformation,’ reimagining the relationship between news, its readers and ownership. Currently, news is hijacked and bastardized by big money, family ownership and corporate fat cats. That’s why we have to — and will — yell louder.
Erika Alexander

“The Blackness” is a multimedia, long-form, investigative reporting newsroom focused on shining light on overlooked and untold human interest stories impacting communities of color.

Civil’s given me the opportunity to learn from other small newsrooms on how to build an online readership with dignity.
A.J. Daulerio
Editor, The Small Bow

The Small Bow’s mission is to provide evergreen literary journalism as part of the addiction recovery service. Stories that provide temporary relief and outreach, like this one from Clancy Martin.

We’re very proud to be pioneering the blockchain archiving system developed by Civil. It provides the strongest protection that technology can currently give speech rights and press freedom.
Maria Bustillos
Editor, Popula

Popula has published writers in more than twenty different countries and from all walks of life.

The Colorado Sun is a proud partner of Civil, and we’re excited about working together to find a new funding model to support great local journalism wherever it can be found.
Larry Ryckman

Just three months after our launch, The Colorado Sun is already having a big impact in Colorado with deeply reported, meaningful journalism. Our readers are highly engaged, averaging more than four minutes on our long-form stories.

A lot of time (and money) is spent analyzing what is wrong with journalism. It’s been refreshing to work with Civil, which allows us to try out solutions to some of the problems facing our industry in real time. Civil’s network connected us with journalists we never would have met otherwise, and that support from the folks out there doing the damn thing is invaluable.
Jen Sabella
Director of Strategy and Co-founder, Block Club Chicago

Block Club is proud to deliver news from Chicago’s neighborhoods to more than 85,000 people per day via email, including our growing member and subscriber base.

We’re proud to be part of a network of innovating and inspiring newsrooms that Civil has helped facilitate.
Mazin Sidahmed
Co-founder & Senior Reporter, Documented

A Documented investigation uncovered that a New Jersey pension fund was investing in immigration detention, which led to a state pension fund divesting from the private prison companies.

Civil offers us an opportunity to explore the intersection where environment, race and income meet and often clash in very profound ways. Through essential guidance and technical resources, we've been able to create a new platform promoting the need for community-driven media on those topics, while opening doors toward a new future of accessible, impactful and solutions-oriented journalism.
Charles Ellison
Managing Editor, EcoWURD

EcoWURD is a multimedia environmental justice journalism initiative examining Philadelphia at the intersection of race, income & the environment.

One of the major differences I see is that Civil is a network that’s come together for ethical, independent journalism. Newsrooms have editorial independence and freedom, but being part of the Civil network makes us part of a community that’s testing new models for sustainability.
David Moore
Co-founder, Sludge

Sludge’s reporting on the Immigrations and Customs Enforcement agency (ICE) helped prompt a Resolution to pass the full NYC Council on Sept. 12, 2018.

Meet the Civil Foundation team.

Vivian Schiller 25 years working at the intersection of media and technology. Formerly: CEO at NPR, chief digital officer at NBC News, head of news at Twitter.

Nicole Bode More than 15 years as a working journalist with NY Daily News and DNAinfo. Deep expertise in newsroom strategy and sustainability trends.

Elena Giralt 5 years of experience in nonprofit management, public broadcasting and local media. Graduated with an MBA from NYU Stern with a focus on blockchain and data analytics.

Ursula O’Kuinghttons Ursula has worked in the media industry for more than 17 years. Currently Ursula is the Regional Lead for Latin America and Europe, building news partnerships and expanding Civil’s community of journalists.

Lillian Ruiz Lillian Ruiz is COO of the Civil Foundation, and co-founder of Civil Media Company. Prior to working on Civil, Lillian led audience development and marketing strategy for growth phase startups, including InsideHook and Flavorpill. Lillian holds a bachelor’s degree in History from Wesleyan University.

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