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Local Journalism runs on Civil

The Colorado Sun logo

The Colorado Sun

Investigative, explanatory and narrative journalism for a state in the midst of a massive evolution. From former top editors/writers at the Denver Post.

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Block Club Chicago logo

Block Club Chicago

The only independent outlet delivering reliable, nonpartisan coverage of Chicago's diverse neighborhoods. From the team behind DNAinfo.

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The River logo

The River

A Hudson Valley-based news outlet connecting the region to the world. Offers in-depth coverage from a regional perspective on issues of national importance.

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FAQ NYC logo


A podcast about New York City, from three lifelong New Yorkers. A weekly dive beyond the headlines bringing you inside stories you think you know.

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ecoWURD logo


A multimedia environmental justice journalism initiative examining Philadelphia at the intersection of race, income & the environment.

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Investigative Journalism runs on Civil

Sludge logo


Sludge will investigate the shadowy ways that special interests captured America's political system, revealing hidden networks and conflicts of interest.

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Documented logo


Dedicated coverage on the day-to-day lives of immigrant New Yorkers and how they're impacted by the decisions of people in power.

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ZigZag logo


On a mission to help people navigate personal and global change. We test new ways to educate, entertain, and inspire through narrative.

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Policy Journalism runs on Civil

Cannabis Wire logo

Cannabis Wire

Independent coverage of a multi-billion dollar industry. Investigative features on the complexities that come with legalization & deep-dive industry reporting.

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Hmm Daily logo

Hmm Daily

A place to say the things nobody else might say and to listen for the things we haven't heard yet. Led by former Gawker / The Awl editor Tom Scocca.

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The Small Bow logo

The Small Bow

Revealing the ignoble truths about addiction and recovery. An independent, editorially-minded voice.

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International Journalism runs on Civil

Popula logo


Like an alt-weekly. But alt-daily. And local to the world. Brought to you by leading voices from the New Yorker, LA Times, The Village Voice and others.

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Global Ground logo

Global Ground

Global Ground will challenge assumptions about international affairs. Local reporting on global issues that will give a new voice to affected populations.

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Unique intelligence and analysis behind the transformation of media in Asia and beyond

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Our Mission

Civil’s mission is to power sustainable journalism throughout the world.

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  • [Civil] seeks to eliminate the possibility of one company or a small group of investors exerting power and influence over a journalistic organization and compromising its mission.
  • Civil applies the tenets of cryptoeconomics—the practice of powering online marketplaces with digital currency logged on encrypted ledgers—to the financial challenges facing the news industry.
  • Civil, one of the most high-profile projects under the umbrella of ethereum startup and incubator ConsenSys, is a response to a cascade of crises in journalism.
  • [Civil’s use of blockchain] technology promises to protect journalists from censorship and intellectual property disputes. It offers readers articles that cannot be retracted, with corrections made via addenda, not eraser.
  • Civil Studios... aspires to fund a range of big projects—from documentaries to podcasts to news investigations—as part of its plan to redefine the business of journalism.
    Fortune logo
  • Civil is designed to solve the problem of “broken news” by addressing the deficiencies of ad-driven media economy.
    Cointelegraph logo
  • Civil... promises a path forward for journalists who want to do valuable work, make a living, serve readers, and spare folks the annoyance of spammy Internet ads and mind-numbing clickbait.
    The Bridge logo
  • [Civil] permanently archives all content on the blockchain, meaning it cannot be deleted by any one entity... one of the reasons Block Club decided to partner with them.
  • Civil promises nothing less than to “turn the broken (journalism) model on its head” and to provide the new “canvas on which journalists can paint the future of their industry.
  • [Civil’s] ethereum blockchain-based business will incentivize collaborative editing and fact-checking to "substantially" limit misinformation across its network.
    Pitchbook logo
  • Civil... is riding a wave of interest in applying blockchain technology to the business of journalism.
    Quartz logo
  • To push back against fake news, Civil gives newsmakers a platform to create ad-free, inalterable journalism that’s immune to outside interests… and supported by readers.
    Scientific American logo
  • Civil promises to use [blockchain technology] to build decentralized marketplaces for readers and journalists to work together to fund coverage of topics that interest them, or for those in the public interest.
    Nieman Lab logo
  • Civil is trying to take a quantum leap beyond [existing efforts to fix journalism]: It’s not just inventing its own platform for news and journalism, it’s also inventing its own currency.
    Columbia Jounalism Review logo
  • Civil aims to come up with a new way to finance independent journalism without relying on advertising, a mission that looks more important by the day.
  • But now, from the ashes of one of those local news outlets—DNAinfo Chicago—a new non-profit neighborhood news website with the same mission has emerged. And it’s powered by blockchain technology.
  • A new ecosystem: Using blockchain to build a journalism marketplace.
  • Civil is [building] a future that will lead to a rise in impartial journalism, quite possibly in a way never seen before.