A community-owned journalism network based on transparency and trust.

Civil is home to a growing number of independent newsrooms from around the world. Our cooperative model allows journalists to capture more of the value they create, in a community that prioritizes ethical journalism above all.

How Civil Helps

Civil is a platform unlike any other.

Built for journalism

Anyone can start a newsroom or add their existing publication, provided they honor Civil's ethical journalism standards. There's no central authority or middleman present on Civil, it's 100% community-owned and community-governed.

Built for community

Newsrooms gain access to membership benefits from industry leaders like the Associated Press, Alley Interactive and Old Town Media. Civil's community-owned model means that encourages greater cross-newsroom collaboration in tackling the toughest sustainability challenges head on.

Built for transparency

Civil uses blockchain technology to ensure every newsroom and journalist has public, immutable and permanent proof to ensure total ownership and control of their data and content. Readers are in turn able to easily prove that a given story was published by its stated author. Peddlers of misinformation need not apply.

Built for trust

Unlike Facebook and Google, newsrooms can trust Civil. It's transparently owned and operated by an engaged community of people who care about journalism, not an all-powerful corporation with opaque motives. Newsrooms on Civil are committed and accountable to producing ethical journalism.

The Civil platform launches soon. Be there for day one.

Civil is looking for independent newsrooms with a focus on local, investigative, policy or culture journalism. If you already run or are thinking of starting such a newsroom, you should pre-register. Speak directly to one of the seasoned journalists and audience development experts who run the Civil Foundation and we’ll discuss specifically how Civil can help your newsroom and personally walk you through getting started.

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  3. Join Civil and access a community of supportive peers, discounts on publishing tools and more.

Meet some of the veteran journalists who will be supporting you.

Vivian Schiller 25 years working at the intersection of media and technology. Formerly: CEO at NPR, chief digital officer at NBC News, head of news at Twitter.

Nicole Bode More than 15 years as a working journalist with NY Daily News and DNAinfo. Deep expertise in newsroom strategy and sustainability trends.

Sasha Koren Digital strategy expert with 20+ years of experience working with editorial products and platforms. Formerly: The Guardian, NYT.

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